My world is brighter and clearer because of Dr. Kalt, whom I highly recommend to anyone needing cataract surgery. Surgery is only one of his skills. He acted as a consultant after my initial eye exam, asking detailed questions about my occupation and hobbies in order to be able to make specific recommendations as to the type of procedure and lenses I should have. After our discussion, I opted for the Symfony IOL implants. The results have been amazing! Everything is crisp and clear. Colors pop. Whether the vision is close-up, intermediate or far, the clarity is the same. I’m not one of those fortunate people with perfect vision who gets to see for free, but I am one of those people who no longer needs either glasses or contact lenses. Thank you, Dr. Kalt! – Peggy E.

Dr. Kalt is extremely thorough in both his examinations and his descriptions of your options when dealing with your eyes and their cataracts. He performed both cataract surgeries in the past month or so and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He used the Technis Symfony Toric Intraocular Lens made by Johnson and Johnson when doing the cataract surgeries and they have given me great vision. I am thrilled I chose to go to the Kalt Goldberg Eye Center and had Dr. Kalt as my ophthalmologist. – Patricia J.

Dr. Kalt is an EXCELLENT doctor: professional, polite, a great listener, very smart, empathetic, wise beyond his years. His office staff is also very professional–AND THEY ANSWER THE PHONE (no labyrinth to navigate!)!! There is little to no wait time, the staff “keeps it moving,” and the office protocol is patient-focused. HIGHLY recommend this office and Dr. Kalt! – Mary O.

I have been going to the Kalt-Goldberg Eye Center for over 25 years. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. This past June and July I had cataract surgery. The difference is amazing. My vision is better now than when I wore contacts and glasses. I wore readers with my contacts but now only use the readers about 50% of the time. My night vision is much better and even driving in the rain at night is no problem. Previously there were halos, glaring and difficulty with on-coming traffic,,, rain made it worse,,, now all of that is gone. My vision is excellent,, both near and far. And no more contacts !!! – Jim B.

Dr. Kalt is thorough in all his explanations and my cataract surgeries were a complete success. I am very pleased with Dr. Kalt and have every confidence in him. The ladies in the office are all very pleasant and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone in need of an ophthalmologist. He is the BEST! – Sherry M.

OMG!! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 2 1/2, but after cataract surgery by Dr. Kalt, I now have 20/20 distance vision and 20/25 near vision! No Glasses!!! (okay…low strength readers for low light or tiny print, but I don’t count that). If you have astigmatism, I highly recommend paying the extra amount for the special lenses that correct for it. I was not an easy case either. I had a previous eye injury that caused scar tissue so there were complications during surgery. But Dr. Kalt was able to fix everything with amazing results! I would give him ten stars if I could! – Kris K.

I have been a patient at this practice for many years. I first came to it after suffering a sports injury to my right eye. The practitioner I had been seeing several years before was unable to correctly treat my problem, so I came to this practice after learning of Dr. Kalt’s reputation as an extremely knowledgeable and talented eye physician and surgeon. He recently performed cataract surgery on my left eye. The day immediately following the procedure, and since, I have been able to see remarkably better than I had ever expected I would. The result was excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Kalt and his staff to anyone seeking the best professional eye care.  – Arthur B.

Dr Kalt is a dedicated dr. He is a perfectionist. I know I am under great care and trust him in all he does and suggests. I am so pleased with the cataract surgery I recently underwent in his care. I very much appreciate his skill and abilities! I have been going to him for years and highly recommend Dr. Kalt . He is an honest intelligent dr . Thank you Dr Kalt you’re the best!
And I might add the staff and girls at desk are so sweet and so helpful. Thank you Kristi, Camille , Pam, Val and Anne… just love you girls. God bless you all – Toni G.

I had cataract surgery last week.  Dr. Kalt and his staff were very kind.  The procedure went flawlessly.  I highly recommend Dr. Kalt. – Judith G.

Dr.Kalt: It is with great pleasure I write this note regarding my eye surgery experience. I can’t begin to thank you enough for the great job you did performing cataract surgery on my eyes. My eyes were clouded, blurry and the light was closing in. For the past several months, I had a hard time driving at night with the halos from the lights and did not drive at all when it was raining. I appreciated the length of time you spent with me detailing the procedure with the numerous questions I had. The staff at your office was professional, courteous and extremely efficient with all the paperwork and timeline for the surgery. As a cancer survivor, the thought of another surgery was depressing. As I walked in to the surgery center that afternoon, my anxiety level was high until I met with your team. They all reassured me that my apprehension was normal and even though I will be awake for the surgery, I will not see or feel anything. For me, the results were immediate. It felt like Christmas morning! The restoration was remarkable. I could see clear images and sharp outlines once again. I peeked out of the sunglasses on the way home and I could not believe how the sky was so baby blue…Eye surgery is a very important decision and we need to make the right choices. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Kalt, an amazing surgeon at Kalt-Goldberg Eye Center.  – Catherine W.

In January 2018, I completed two cataract surgeries done by Dr. Kalt. Wow, what a difference! I now have 20/20 distant vision. Considering I had previous LASIK and PK surgery by another doctor more than 15 years earlier, and had to wear glasses, my eyes now see bright white and distances. I had total trust in Dr. Kalt and found the whole experience most professional. I was pretty scared to let someone mess with my eyes but trusted him to do what was best. Thank you for the great follow up care too. I am the “poster child” for his care and great satisfaction of results. – Leigh M.

Dr. Katz was so amazing! He healed my eye in 3 days when my first doctor was trying to rush into surgery. He is thorough and very kind. Thank you!! – Caitlyn T.

My experience with the Kalt Goldberg Eye Center has been great. My cataracts and declining near vision were impacting my ability to sketch and draw at work…not a good thing for an architect! After correcting just one eye, the improvement is already amazing and I can’t wait to see the difference when the other eye is corrected. Thank you, Dr. Jeffrey Kalt, for helping me see clearly again.– Shirley S.

I recently had clear lens extraction performed by Dr. Kalt.  I was in his office probably a half a dozen times prior to and after surgery. I found Dr. Kalt’s staff very professional, courteous, and friendly. I felt very informed prior to surgery, including expectations and possible complications. The post operation counseling was also spot on, including what to expect and look out for.  A friend of mine recommended Dr. Kalt and I couldn’t have been happier with my overall experience.  – Denis L.

Weekly practice at the rifle range certainly helps maintain skill level. Having the best shooting glasses is another big factor in success. While my name and scores usually appear inside this magazine for some competition, I have never been on the cover before. Now I can add “cover model” to my resume. Thank you for taking such good care of my vision.*  – Chuck G.

*Patient is a precision sharp shooter a who recently won a competition and was featured on the cover of Precision Rifleman magazine following his cataract surgery with Dr. Kalt.

My eye had a detached retina 33 years prior and developed a growing cataract in short order. In time I could see very little out of my right eye. Dr. Kalt, with great ability, was able to restore my vision back to 20/40! After so many years, it really has become life transforming.  – Brian A.

I highly recommend the Kalt Goldberg Eye Center! Excellent care, treatment, service & results from my recent cataract surgery. After wearing glasses for 27 years I no longer need them! I was a perfect candidate for the new “Symfony” lens …definitely a success – 20/20 vision!  – Bonnie B.

Totally awesome experience!! I had cataracts that I had been neglecting, was nearly blind and found Dr. Kalt on line. He performed my surgeries using ORA and Femto laser procedures and my vision is perfect!!! There was no pain or discomfort and his staff are all great. I would recommend Dr. Jeffrey Kalt to anyone needing laser eye surgeries.  – Karyn W.

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Please see below for information regarding our office hours and patient care due to the coronavirus. We will post updates as the situation evolves.

Please see below for information regarding our office hours and patient care due to the coronavirus. We will post updates as the situation evolves.